Sunday, December 20, 2009

For the one lady who strived and struggled till her last breath for the hapiness of possibly anyone who were there in her memory.

For that amazing 'iron-willed' woman who can possibly have no enemies in this world.

For my gorgeous granny,my DODDA, who'd never been 'out of sight' from me, from the time i'd come to this world.

Thank you for being my granny,thank you for being my everything.

Nostalgia strikes and those wonderful
memories with u will haunt me.

Though everything finished in 'whoosh'
of time,will miss u terribly granny ma,
be with me always,in my dreams,
in my feelings,in every decision I take.

May ur soul 'REST IN PEACE'


  1. may she rest in peace..
    u had told me of her struggle last week. so the homoeopathic medicine didnt work..
    my condolences to u man..

  2. Well explained savya, even I share the same thoughts....

  3. Well said Bro....these words explains a lot about her...