Monday, May 24, 2010


It was around a week ago , I was flipping channels on my Television when suddenly something unusual caught my eyes. It was certainly an unusual thing to watch. The channel is one of the most celebrated ones delivered straight out of the heart of the country, the "New Delhi Television" viz. NDTV. The ones hosting the show were the country's most celebrated reporters, Ms.Barkha Dutt and Mr.Pranay Roy.The show was regarding the performance of the government after the huge naxal menace which costed huge casualties among the innocent civilians.

A poll flashed on the TV screen which said "Is the Congress government worse than the BJP government??" .I felt 'not bad', this channel also knows to criticize the Congress. To my surprise, the majority(45%) went to the people who felt that 'Congress is worse than the BJP' and the other responses included that 'Congress is not worse than BJP' and some others said,'Both are the same.There is no difference' .After a few seconds,another poll flashed on the screen which said "Will there be a change in the Prime Ministership??".I was confused,"Oh Bhai!!!! what is happening to this channel??". Following the responses, the two hosts started discussing about the issue which to my astonishment, included some bashing against the government. I was gazing at the TV screen with eyes wide open. I could not believe my eyes. Ms.Barkha Dutt??? and bashing the Congress government??? I pinched myself to confirm that I wasnt dreaming. After a few minutes, again another poll flashed on the screen which was read out loudly by Barkha, "Will Rahul be the next PM??".

Aha!!!! BINGO!!!! Ms.Barkha Dutt.... Now we are speaking terms!!!!!! Now everything became clear to me. Needless to say, the majority again went for the people who said "Rahul is the fittest man to be the next PM". ufffhhhh... now i was relieved to know that I wasnt dreaming.

That was quite obvious from this channel, who have always been the ardent admirers of the party. Especially for Barkha Dutt, who is such a nonchalant fan of Rahul Gandhi. Follow her on twitter and you will see that half of her articles will not be completed without an admiration for Rahul. The channel has always been against the people who came in the way of the success of the Gandhi family. This time.... Manmohan is becoming the latest casualty and the reporters are milking the opportunity out of the situation. Or else, even for arguments sake,one may think, 'why in the world is Rahul coming into the picture??' The Naxals are on the rampage, there is a huge internal security threat that the country is facing, the government is on a fallout as none of its approaches are working against the Naxals. And suddenly out of the blue, the media portrays this amateur to be the next saviour of the country. When people of likes of Manmohan and Chidambaram are clueless about the situation, how can you even expect someone with almost 'NIL' amount of experience could handle the situation??

And speaking of Rahul Gandhi(Raul Vinci), let us wind our clocks back to periods of mid 1990's when there was a steady rise of a woman politician who was hailed as the heir apparent to the Congress, who was hailed to be the next Indira Gandhi, Mrs.Priyanka Vadra. She was seen everywhere, attending public rallies, campaigning in the elections. She had been the media darling for quite a while, her photo friendly pictures been clicked everywhere. During the early 2000's, suddenly she was pulled out of the picture and there was no Priyanka for quite a long time. And then came the systematic entry of our hero Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Till he was 36, there was no air about him at all. Suddenly, there was Rahul everywhere, Rahul campaigning,Rahul sharing food with the deprived, Rahul , Rahul and Rahul. The first stupid instance when he was started to be projected, was during a huge rally conducted against rising sugarcane prices.Tons and tons of farmers thronged the capital demonstrating against the government. All the opposition parties joined them to protest.The PM was made to interfere into this issue and the one thing he said was, "The price rise will be taken care off!!! And Rahul Gandhi will be heading the commission to tackle the situation". Off all the pundits in the country, our PM could remember only one person and that too.. 'out of the blue'.To his credit, he also became the prime player in bringing the UPA back to power for the second term. Wallah!!!! And our hero is all set to be the next PM already!!!! And when it comes to his credentials and his qualifications to take the top job?? Lets better not talk about it.. I suggest, you better visit the video link of Mr.Subramaniyam Swamy.

Certainly,you like it or not,you can anytime take some expert media management lessons from the Congress. Canvassing a person to be the PM within 5-6 years straight, that too so very convincingly is certainly appreciable.Take any competitive entrance exam and the most important debate you will have to be well-prepared is "Media and its influence on people". This can be the best possible example of media moulding the people's perception. From being a no one a few years back, to being portrayed as a mammoth, the media has gone a long way in carving out public perception.

Have these people forgotten that the only reason why this government is seeing the best of the times is Mr.Manmohan Singh?? The party completely rode over his name to strengthen the party and win elections. And already speculations are rife that this man maybe unwanted for a while now. The man who poured his life out to bring some of the major reforms, is currently kept under consideration as to whether he will have to continue or not. And who is the man who the party thinks can surpass Manmohan Singh?? its Rahul all the way!!!How can one even give any justification for such show of foolishness?? To be honest, for me... this show is nothing less than a bad bad display of tokenism played by the media, a very bad display of the 'family politics' being played by the so called 'secular' group of people.We, as a country are very very popular for a 'bad public memory'. No matter what a leader has done in the past, we so easily tend to forget it and so easily accept him on his present credentials. If still, people can be so blind as to ignore the issue and buy it, I feel that that would be the worst possible disaster posed to the democracy of any country for that matter.

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